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Ketam isi

Ketam isi Adena, a culinary delight originating from the enchanting Belitung Island in Indonesia, showcases a distinctive preparation technique. The star of this dish is the peeled flower crab, or "ketam rajungan," skillfully seasoned with a flavorful combination of local spices and eggs, creating a rich and savory stuffing. The meticulous pan-frying process results in a perfect crispy texture that encapsulates the delightful amalgamation of the crab's succulent meat and the well-seasoned blend within. This unique twist not only adds a layer of complexity to the dish but also positions it as a distinctive and memorable culinary souvenir from Belitung Island, appealing to those who appreciate nuanced flavors and the artistry of Indonesian cuisine.

about us

"Established in 2010, Adena embodies the essence of our journey. Born from an Indonesian restaurant, we later dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of crafting Ketam Isi, a savory stuffed crab delicacy. Serving as a unique and flavorful souvenir for travelers exploring the beauty of Belitung, Adena captures the heart and soul of their journey through our culinary creations. Our commitment to creating memorable experiences is evident in every bite, ensuring that Adena becomes an integral part of your cherished memories from the enchanting landscapes of Belitung."